Remote Work Productivity Conference

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The Future of Remote Work Productivity

Moderator | Ray Sidney-Smith

Panelists | Matt PlummerMichael SliwinskiAugusto Pinaud

The world of work has been changing to a larger remote workforce since the late 1970’s. But, there’s no doubt that the 2020 pandemic has ushered in new fuel to the debate over the future of remote work. This esteemed panel will discuss the practical components of how remote work productivity will be impacted as we make our way through these uncertain times and into the future of working remotely.

Remote Accountability

Ray Sidney-Smith | focus@work

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The research identifies that when you know you’re working as part of a team, you’re more productive. When you’re working remotely, it can be challenging to establish a sense of accountability among your peers. But, does it have to be?

Ray Sidney-Smith has been creating accountability programs for the past 15 years and paying attention to the efficacy of remote accountability. His session will survey his and others’ accountability programs and how they can work when working remotely.

Education from a Distance: Help for Teacher and the Students they Cherish

Dr. Frank Buck | Frank Buck Consulting

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Virtually overnight, the educational community retooled itself. The start of a new academic year is just weeks away, and we all wonder what school will “look like.” We will look at simple, practical things teachers and students can do to not only survive but thrive when education happens remotely.

Connecting Invisible Dots in a Remote Work World

Augusto Pinaud | No More Excuses|Productivity Voice

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Why Remote Workers Start to Time Block and What They Do

Francis Wade | 2 Time Labs

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Why have professionals who switch from working in a traditional office to working from home found it necessary to change their approach to task management? In this presentation, learn why certain changes are absolutely necessary for high performers when they have a sudden shift in environment or task volume.

The Power of Engagement: Simple Strategies for Staying Accountable and Keeping Your Team Accountable

Joseph Varghese | Success Circles

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Most people tend to avoid the word “accountability” often seeing that something is being pushed on them to perform.  Learn how accountability can be fun and engaging when you embrace fun gamification principles.  Joseph will show you how you can design a work atmosphere where making progress is the natural and obvious path and how success breeds more success.  Learn simple strategies on staying consistent with your actions for both yourself and your team so that you are all collaborating and winning together.

Simple Strategies for Working When the Kids are Home

Melanie Wilson, PhD | Psychowith6

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Whether you are homeschooling or the kids are just underfoot, finding a balance between work and family time can be tough when you’re working from home. Is there a way to work, parent, and even homeschool while staying sane? Yes! As a clinical psychologist turned homeschooling mother of six, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t in balancing these roles at home. You’ll come away with simple strategies that you can use immediately and keep using even as circumstances change.
Dr. Melanie Wilson is the author of A Year of Living Productively, The Organized Homeschool Life, and Grammar Galaxy language arts curriculum. She shares tips for homeschooling parents on her podcast, The Homeschool Sanity Show.

How to make Remote Work, Work

Jake Kahana | Caveday

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Remote work can often be unfocused, unproductive, and uninspired.. How do we continue to perform at a high level while working out of the office? There are best practices and smarter ways to work remotely. In this presentation, we’ll share what we’ve learned helping tens of thousands of humans change their relationship to working from home.

Managing Productivity in Remote Teams

Tammy Bjelland | Workplaceless

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Scaling your Business With Virtual Assistants

Nathan Hirsch | Outsource School

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I go through what to do before you hire and the four steps of hiring, and the biggest mistake to avoid for each step–interviewing, on-boarding, training and managing.

Leverage your Untapped Talent

John Chidiac | Bluespace

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Learn how your organization can better leverage the skills, experience, and time of your remote or hybrid remote workforce. With Talent Cloud, the internal talent marketplace, executives, management, and talent connect in a secure collaborative space that increases talent utilization and employee engagement and helps retain the social fabric of your organization.

What you’ll see:

  • How Talent Cloud helps with mostly-remote and hybrid remote/co-located working
  • How employees can make themselves visible to management for opportunities
  • How employees can find and connect internally for skill sharing, mentoring, and more
  • How employees can find projects that match their interests
  • How to use search agents to stay up to date
  • How to use engagements to share experience, growth, and ease performance reviews
  • How managers can tap internal talent pools for one-off projects, expert advice, or fill open full-time roles
  • How companies can use Talent Cloud to experiment with more agile/project-based work
  • More!

How to Stay Focused While Working from Home

Matt Plummer | Zarvana

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Working remotely brings with it a host of distractions and procrastination temptations you don’t have to worry about when in an office. On top of that, the abrupt shift to remote work eliminated most of your routines and the cues that prompted you to engage in focused, productive work behaviors. Yet, getting back to prior state of focus and even exceeding it is possible. In this session, we’ll talk through a number of science-based strategies for staying focused in the midst of external, internal, and technological distractions.

Top 6 Ways to Make Virtual Meetings Not Suck

John Chen | Geoteaming

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Are you working from home? Do your virtual meetings drain your energy? Is video exhaustion real for you? Then you want Engaging Virtual Meetings. Engaging Virtual Meetings shows you the key secrets to having your attendees say, “I have more energy (rather than less) after 60 minutes meeting with you!”.

When you learn Engaging Virtual Meetings, you will learn how to:

• Create a powerful virtual presence

• Create a smooth flow so attendees don’t talk over each other

• Network without saying a word

• Engage everyone even if only one person is talking

• Guarantee that everyone feels engaged and heard

• Powerfully close your meeting and take steps to make your next meeting even more effective

Developing Your Team from Afar

Amie Devero | Beyond Better

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When our teams work away from the office we lose more than the commute–we also lose the casual and subtle interactions that profoundly contribute to the growth and development of employees. Whether overhearing colleagues’ conversations, or having impromptu work reviews over the Keurig, the most junior team-members are losing vast portions of what would be their ongoing development. How can you compensate for this loss from afar? We will look at several strategies and action plans, and also answer your questions about growing your team’s capacity while remote.

Brain & Body Breaks

Jeffrey Siegel | JES Wellness

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Body & Brain Breaks will teach you how to reduce the strain of remote work by engaging your body and senses. These sessions will include stretching, breathing, and meditations that you can integrate into your day for better energy and performance.

Effective Networking when Working Remotely

Buzz Bruggeman | Activewords

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Networking is an important part of your career, whether that’s for keeping relevant and making new contacts in your industry, to bringing in new business prospects. How do you network when you’re working remotely? Long-time remote networker Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of ActiveWords 4.0, shows you how.

ActiveWords 4 is a brand new product, used by outcome driven professionals to get more done in less time. The presentation will contain ideas of how the Windows computing experience can be enhanced through the simple use of powerful utilities which are the 21st century extension of the command line metaphor.