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Augusto Pinaud | No More Excuses|Productivity Voice

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Augusto Pinaud is a Bilingual Coach. He helps people to find their VOICE and teaching them to create real IMPACT in their lives by helping them Connecting Invisible Dots.

Francis Wade | 2 Time Labs

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Francis Wade is the founder of 2Time Labs and ScheduleU. In his work as an author, consultant and trainer, Francis actively explores the boundaries of time-based productivity. And, you can find him tweeting @2timelabs.

Joseph Varghese | Success Circles

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Joseph Varghese aka “The Breakthrough Engineer” is a Growth & Profit Strategist. He is also Co-leader of the New York Power Team. He is passionate about empowering others to stay focused, driven and living their highest potential. For over 16 years, he’s been immersed in the science of peak performance, productivity and gamification. He’s since become a thought leader in the area of peer accountability. Since 2005, Joseph has been facilitating SuccessCircles, a peer momentum based accountability community for entrepreneurs. Each member is a success story.

Dr. Frank Buck | Frank Buck Consulting

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Frank Buck is currently ranked #1 in the world by Global Gurus Top 30 in the “time management category.” He is a public speaker, productivity coach, and author of Get Organized!: Time Management for School Leaders. Dr. Buck has spoken to audiences throughout the United States and internationally. His mission is to help busy professionals achieve total control over their time and the peace of mind that nothing is falling through the cracks. Dr. Buck’s nuts-and-bolts approach, along with his blend of content and humor, has made him a favorite with audiences.

Ray Sidney-Smith | focus@work

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Ray Sidney-Smith is a Productivity-Technology-Management Consultant/Coach focusing on Small Business, Evernote Regional Leader for North America and Evernote Certified Consultant, the Google Small Business Advisor for Productivity, and the podcast host of ProductivityCast, Getting More Done With Evernote, ProdPod, Productivity Book Group, among other personal productivity activities and tutorials. He tweets @rsidneysmith and you can find him on LinkedIn via Ray Sidney-Smith.

Tammy Bjelland | Workplaceless

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Tammy Bjelland holds a BA and MA from the University of Virginia. She began her professional career in academia before moving into the educational technology industry, where she got her first remote role in 2011. Since then, Tammy has been an advocate for flexible and distributed work environments, and in 2017 launched Workplaceless to provide learning and development programs to remote professionals and teams.

Nathan Hirsch | Outsource School

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Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and e-commerce. He is the founder and CEO of and the co-founder and COO of Portlight. Nathan started his e-commerce career on the Amazon Marketplace and successfully built a $7 million business within 4 years.

Jake Kahana | Caveday

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Jake Kahana is a designer and entrepreneur who teaches creative leaders the tools and skills to build thriving creative teams. He is a cofounder of Caveday, a company founded to maximize productivity for individuals and corporations through facilitated deep focus sessions and deep work training. Their global community has participated in over 10,000 hours of deep work “in The Cave.” As a founding US faculty member with The School of Life, Jake teaches workshops in emotional intelligence for corporate teams. He speaks at conferences and companies around the world. He’s proud to have his work as part of the permanent collection at MoMA and his parents’ fridge since 1989. Currently, Jake is working on The Creative Department, a management training curriculum for creative leaders.

Michael Sliwinski | Nozbe

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I’m the founder of Nozbe – a tool that helps busy professionals and their teams manage time, tasks and projects – available as a web app as well as native apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad and iPhone. I’m already more than 11 years running Nozbe. For more Information:

Melanie Wilson, PhD | Psychowith6

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Dr. Melanie Wilson is a Christian psychologist turned homeschooling mother of six. She was once so disorganized and unproductive that she couldn’t homeschool or write the books she knew could help others. Now she is passionate about helping homeschoolers and other busy people overcome the resistance that stands in the way of organized, productive living. Melanie podcasts at The Homeschool Sanity Show, speaks around the country at the Great Homeschool Conventions, and is the author of The Organized Homeschool Life book and planner, Grammar Galaxy elementary language arts curriculum, and A Year of Living Productively.

Matt Plummer | Zarvana

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Matt Plummer is the founder and CEO of Zarvana, an online platform that helps professionals save real time in their day and become more productive by identifying research-backed behaviors to incorporate into their lives and then helping them habify them. Matt founded Zarvana after figuring out how to reduce the hours he was working at a premier strategy and management consulting firm by 15-20% and ultimately, managing 3-4 projects in the time most others managed 2. Matt writes articles on research-based, sustainable ways to boost professionals’ productivity on the Zarvana website, Harvard Business Review, and Inc.

John Chidiac | Bluespace

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John Chidiacis Bluespace CEO and founder, helping companies maximize their talent with our Talent Cloud solutions for healthcare companies, sales teams, technology teams, consulting firms, financial services companies, and more.

John Chen | Geoteaming

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John started Geoteaming 23 years ago and is a recognized thought leader on engaging virtual meetings. He is the John Wiley and Sons author of “Engaging Virtual Meetings” and “50 Digital Team Building Games”, a top selling business book. John’s clients learn from his over 35 years of virtual meeting experience. His work has earned him multiple awards. More than 230,000 clients across the United States and in countries including Spain, France and Taiwan have experienced breakthrough results. John is the extreme leader of Geoteaming – he climbs mountains, walks on fire, swims with dolphins in the wild, rides Harleys, organizes Super Bowl Suites while meeting with people from around the world from his computer. When you meet John, you will encounter a dynamic, energetic and effective facilitator who makes friends with everyone. He will help you and your team become the top 1% at what you do. “Your virtual meetings can be as good as, or even better, than face to face meetings” – John Chen

Amie Devero | Beyond Better

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Amie Devero is the founder of Beyond Better, a strategy consulting and executive coaching firm focused on high-growth technology companies. She is also the host of the Beyond Better community, an online venue for those interested in leadership, decision-making, strategy and critical thinking. Amie has over 25 years’ experience as an executive coach and strategy consultant. In that time, she has led seminars and workshops for over 20,000 people, provided one on one and group coaching to thousands of professionals, and provided executive coaching to business leaders of everything from Fortune 50 companies to start-up founders. She is a current member of Forbes Magazine Coaches Council and an advisor to several start-up incubators as well as the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator. In 2003, Amie was one 12 participants in the international team that developed Mission Control™, a ground-breaking method of time management (at the time) that included time blocking. As an expert in that methodology, Amie led workshops for thousands of people in the use of time blocking plus the rest of the “toolkit” to help people simplify and increase their personal productivity while reducing overwhelm. These practices are a mainstay of much of her current work with executives and organizations that strive to produce extraordinary results. Having led two technology start-up companies and consulted to a huge range of industries, she is often asked to provide motivational keynote presentations as well as multi-day training seminars to conferences, associations, and corporate audiences. Amie is the author of the book Powered by Principle: Using Core Values to Build World-Class Organizations. She is frequently published and cited on issues relating to leadership, productivity, strategy and organizational culture.

Jeffrey Siegel | JES Wellness

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Jeff Siegel is a certified health and wellness coach helping people balance their mind, body, and heart to live more productive and fulfilling lives. He holds a Masters in Mind & Brain Education from Harvard University and a Masters in Buddhist Studies from The University of Hong Kong. He offers private coaching, group classes, and corporate workshops for developing physical resilience, emotional intelligence, and self-care routines for all of life’s challenges

Katie D. Scheuer | Workplaceless

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Katie D. Scheuer designs remote work learning programs for teams, leaders and companies, having joined the Workplaceless team in September 2019. A career coach of 10 years, she is committed to the professional development of adult learners. She is an adjunct faculty at Drexel and Temple Universities, and earned an MSEd from Penn’s Graduate School of Education.

Megan Eddinger | Workplaceless

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Megan Eddinger is Director of Learner Experience at Workplaceless. With over 10 years of experience working, leading, and training in distributed workplaces, Megan serves as a pioneer in remote best practices by introducing new tools, technologies, and methods to make remote teams more successful. Megan regularly challenges herself to integrate these best practices into the design, development, and implementation of learning experiences that drive stronger results for her learners. The learner is always Megan’s top priority and she goes above and beyond to ensure the learning experiences that she creates are engaging, timely and relevant.

Buzz Bruggeman | Activewords

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Buzz is both a lawyer and co-founder of ActiveWords. He has been a mentor to startups, and advisor to organizations, and speaker on using influencers to market software products. A former member of the advisory board of Poptech, and a co-founder of the Dent conference. He has been featured in 3 different books on technology and continues to be active in the Seattle startup community.