Remote Work Productivity Conference

Being productive without being able to sustain your productivity is useless. Work-life balance or more appropriately, work-life satisfaction, is key to maintaining high rates of productivity. Working from home offers significant benefits on this front, but you won’t realize them without the proper tools and plan. “Unplugging after work” is the greatest challenge remote workers face, according to Buffer’s 2019 Remote Work Report, and recent surveys suggest that people are working an average of 3 hours more per day than they did pre-pandemic.

In this session, Zarvana CEO Matt Plummer will talk through the practices of using tools to:

  • Re-establish the blurred lines between work and life
  • Build healthy routines that keep your life balanced
  • Determine your unique “work-life equation”
  • Identify your typical recovery cycle and design recovery experiences to extend it
  • Set and track progress toward work-life satisfaction goals
  • Use the Zarvana platform to build these habits